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Tanglewood Forest

A Private Event Site and Recreational Area

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Taldak with Polearm and Shield.  For more pics click here.

Work Weekend Schedule for Oct 2007

Oct 20th-21st
Work Weekend
Work begins promptly at 9:00 am.
[Post WBW 8 Weekend]

  • Camp Site Cleanup
  • Trash Transfer (from small bin to rented trash bin)
  • TBA

Special Notice:

Work Weekend Schedule for May 2007

May 25th-27th
Mega Work Weekend
Work begins promptly at 9:00 am.
[Memorial Day Weekend]

  • Fix/Re-gravel the main circle (road) - Pending
  • Clean out drainage trenches - Completed
  • Clean campsites - Completed
  • Remove hay bales from battle field - Completed
  • Fill in ruts (hay bales) - Completed
  • Stump Grinding- Pending
  • Poison Ivy removal from road edges- Pending
  • Treating for fire ants/biting insects- Pending

Special Notice:
EH companies and households with land grants, or those looking to get one, here's your chance to get those hours through work weekends or cash donations!

Purchase any amount of land hours, be it your annual 50 upkeep hours or any of the 150 initial start up base hours for land grants at the amazing low price of $20/hr!

SPECIAL DEAL: 10 RGK hours will be given for donating the cost of one indestructible table* found at Sam's Clubs. ($120 s+h included).